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Braces That are Hardly Noticeable

What are now referred to as traditional braces are quite different from the braces patients wore decades ago. They are much more discreet, as the brackets are bonded to teeth in front rather than around the tooth. This means they are smaller and less noticeable. The brackets can be clear or white to make them less visible. Wires are much thinner and gently move teeth into their new position, giving an additional plus by making them much more comfortable to wear.

Treatment Time is Much Less Than You Think!

What used to take as long as 5 years to straighten your teeth can now be only 6 – 24 months and sometimes even less. Modern braces are the most cost-effective method of orthodontic treatment, and they are more comfortable, less noticeable, and produce the desired results for a new smile.

Orthodontic Options for Your ChildDental Braces Dentist Nampa ID

You already trust Dr. Miller to take care of your child's routine dental care, but did you know he has received extensive training in orthodontic treatment, as well? Our team's experience and familiarity with your child mean they are already invested in each of them as patients. We care, and your kids know it! The convenience of having all your child's care in one office is a bonus.

Dr. Miller examines your child's craniofacial growth and development between the crucial ages of 6 and 11. He can identify jaw and dental disharmony at these early stages to begin treatment before extractions become necessary. Early correction can save money and minimize treatment time and the type of correction. Dr. Miller can address problems of crossbites in back teeth, disharmony in lower and upper dental arches and jaws, and overcrowding in front teeth. These issues can often be corrected in 6 to 18 months, before a child reaches adolescent years.

Clear Dental Braces Dentistry Nampa IDInvisible Orthodontics

We are very pleased to offer our patients ClearCorrect™ invisible aligners that will change your smile to one with straight, uniform teeth in as few as 9 – 15 months. They correct the same problems as traditional braces – overcrowding, crossbite, overbite, underbite, and wide gaps – but do so with complete discreetness.

This system uses 3-D imaging to outline a treatment plan for your new smile. A series of clear thermoplastic aligners are created to fit over your teeth. Every two weeks you advance to a new set of aligners, as your teeth are gently moved into a new position for your perfect smile. Treatment time is generally one year, but varies for each patient based on personal needs. Evaluation in our office is only every one to two months.

ClearCorrect Lets You Keep Your Confidence

ClearCorrect invisible aligners let adults get straight teeth without the appearance of wearing braces. They are nearly invisible, only being noticeable when someone looks at them extremely close-up. This lets you keep up "appearances" in your professional and social lives during active treatment.

Straight Teeth - OrthodonticsPatients rave how comfortable ClearCorrect aligners are. They are one piece for each the upper and lower teeth, and there are no metal wires, brackets, or headgear to be adjusted. This means no mouth irritation and much less time in the dental chair.

And you will not have to give up eating your favorite foods throughout treatment. You can wear the aligners all day and while sleeping, but can remove them for eating and then cleaning your teeth afterwards. This means there are absolutely no food restrictions! You can keep your teeth free of plaque build-up for a nice, clean look to your smile when treatment is completed.

Are your ready for the smile of your dreams? We can schedule a consultation to find out if you're a candidate for clear aligners. Call (844) 437-8184 now.