Braces in Nampa, ID

Braces in Nampa, ID

Seeking orthodontic treatment has never been easier due to braces being available at Southridge Dental in Nampa, Idaho. In our office, we offer orthodontic treatment, not only to enhance patients’ smiles but to make receiving treatment easy and convenient. Orthodontics is a dental specialty that focuses on treating and diagnosing misaligned bites and teeth. Through the use of braces in Nampa, ID, we have been helping multiple patients enhance their smiles, appearance, and overall oral health. 


Who can Receive Braces? 

In the past, braces have been most common for teenagers and young adults to help them straighten their teeth. Although teenagers are still the most common patients that take advantage of braces, more and more adults have seen the benefits and have started choosing it as their treatment. 


How do I Obtain Braces? 

The first step to getting your customized orthodontic treatment is to meet with your dentist and have a consultation. We will take a thorough oral health history, impressions, X-rays, and photos of your teeth in your consultation appointment. We will then determine the perfect course of treatment for your smile. Because all smiles are different, it is hard to give a general treatment time frame. 


How do Braces Work? 

Depending on your specific smiles needs, the braces will be designed to push or pull your teeth into the desired position. Through the use of metal brackets, wires, and other appliances, your teeth, over time, will move into place. Once we have decided on your treatment plan, we will secure the brackets and archwires onto your teeth. Each tooth will be a host to a metal bracket. The bracket’s main job is to attach to the archwire, allowing each tooth to move. The archwire is connected to the brackets and an appliance in the back of the dental arch. This appliance can be tightened or loosened, depending on your treatment plan. 

Working together the braces will cause your smile to change drastically, improving your position. 


Benefits of Braces in Nampa, ID

The main benefit of braces is that they straighten your smile, therefore enhancing your appearance. Other benefits include: 

  • By changing the positions of the teeth and correcting misaligned bites, braces can help you have an overall cleaner smile. Brushing and flossing will become more accessible, and there will be fewer places food can hide or get stuck. 


  • Orthodontic treatment can drastically improve your smile’s health and make your teeth more functional. 


  • Once you have braces and follow post-braces guidelines, you will never have to participate in any other type of orthodontic treatment in the future. 


  • Obtaining orthodontic care in your dentist’s office will help you see one dental professional for all dental needs. Your dentist will know exactly what you need and can help you manage your braces at regular dental appointments. 


Get Your Braces Today

Obtaining braces has never been easier through our process here at Southridge Dental. We will help each of our patients determine when the best time to receive treatment is, what exactly needs to be fixed, and help them through each step. One of our primary goals is to help each of our patients have a healthy and beautiful smile that they love and want to show off. Orthodontic treatment is right around the corner and waiting for you to take advantage of it. 

If you want to know if you qualify for braces, please call our office or speak with us about it at your next regular dental appointment. We would be more than happy to answer any questions and concerns you have about braces in Nampa, ID. 

We look forward to serving you and giving you the smile of your dreams.