Emergency Services

Experiencing a dental emergency is something no one wants to go through. Hopefully, with good oral healthcare practices such as regular brushing and flossing and keeping up appointments with the dental hygienist, you may be able to avoid having a dental emergency. But if something does go wrong, you need to know that there is a friendly, reliable and accessible service you can turn to right here in Nampa, Idaho. When accidents happen or situations develop, knowing what to do first and getting swift treatment can make all the difference. It may even mean saving a tooth is possible in a very bad situation.


What Do I Do In A Dental Emergency?

If you suffer an accident that means a tooth gets knocked out, it’s very important to keep the tooth moist at all times in order to preserve the structure, as this gives the possibility of it being restored. If possible, try re-siting the tooth in it’s socket, without touching the root. If you can’t do that, tucking it between your cheek and your gums is a good substitute, or placing it into a container of milk. Call the emergency dentist and head straight to the surgery for the best chance of being able to have the tooth restored by a skilled dentist. If your tooth has cracked, rinse your mouth out straight away with a warm saline solution to keep the area clean and sterile. You can also use a cold compress to take down any swelling. Follow the same procedure if you’re suffering toothache, and if you can, use dental floss or a water pick to gently clean and remove any food caught between the teeth. If an object is stuck, you can also aim to remove it in this way, but do not attempt to use anything sharp to remove it, as you could cause more damage. The one thing you need to remember above all else is that you need to visit the emergency dentist as soon as possible.


Arranging An Emergency Dental Visit

Getting urgent care from a qualified dentist is the most important factor in successful treatment of dental emergencies. Call into the surgery and come in as soon as possible, and you’re likely to have a much better outcome. Practices will reserve time each day in their daily schedules for genuine emergencies, so you should be able to get seen quickly. Prompt treatment is always the better option, so don’t delay and make sure you get seen by a dentist at the earliest opportunity.


How Can I Guard Against A Dental Emergency?

Although accidents do happen, and no one can predict everything, there are some higher risk activities where you can take steps to protect your dental health. For example, if you’re doing contact sports, consider wearing a mouth guard during the activity to protect your teeth. Never use your teeth to bite things open, such as packaging or bottle tops – reach for the scissors instead. And avoid things like chewing popcorn kernels, ice or hard candies which have a reputation for cracking teeth.