Dentures & Dental Implants in Nampa

Natural-Looking Dental Implants in Nampa for a Beautiful Smile

Whether you have missing teeth in the front or back of your smile, dental implants in Nampa can replace lost teeth to recapture a full smile. They look very natural as they come up through the gums, rather than sitting on top of them as a bridge does.

If you are missing all your teeth, dental implants can replace dentures and resolve all the problems of slippage or trapped food – plus, they never need to be taken out.

We handle the entire process from implanting the post to fabricating and placing the crown, so there is no need to be referred to another practice.


Overdentures Solve Problems

Anyone who wears dentures knows how annoying slipping, tilting, and sliding can be when eating. An equally annoying problem is that denture adhesives don’t do the job they should. Dr. Squires offer patients an alternative with overdentures. Using a few dental implants, your dentures can be secured to eliminate the problems of movement when eating or speaking and then simply snap off for cleaning to be easily replaced when finished.


New Solutions for Old Problems with Dentures

If you have tried to have your dentures secured with implants, but were informed you have insufficient bone density, you will be pleased to learn of a recent breakthrough in mini implants. This type of implant will anchor your dentures to eliminate the movement problems. In just one visit, you can have your dentures secured in a procedure that is virtually painless. And even better, you can eat whatever foods you choose that same day, as there is no waiting time for the bone to heal around these implants.

Another Option to Secure Your Dentures

All-on-4™ immediate load implants are another possibility to permanently secure your dentures. As the name suggests, with just four strategically placed implants, you can have relief from denture problems of movement to have strong support for chewing every type of food. There is no waiting time for the bone to heal, so you can have healthy, functioning teeth the very same day as the implants are placed.

In times past, when teeth were lost due to trauma, disease, or extraction, and patients wanted replacements with dental implants, they would go to an oral surgeon. Once the surgeon inserted the posts, the patient returned to the regular dentist for the completion of the process. At our practice, we handle the entire procedure for immediate load implants in just one visit. And patients do not have to wait another six months for the teeth to be placed.

Dentures That Won’t Slip

If conventional dentures are your best option, we can create natural-looking dentures and partials that fit properly for better comfort and function. Using the latest breakthroughs in dental technology, your denture plate can be anchored to keep it in place no matter what you eat. Let us help you with this problem to make your life much easier.


Dentistry Using 3-D Technology

We are very pleased to offer our patients 3-D cone beam CT digital imaging. This lets Dr. Squires have a very accurate image of your teeth and gums. It produces an X-ray in three dimensions with much less radiation exposure.

This diagnostic tool provides the dentist with a more thorough and accurate image of a patient’s anatomy to evaluate the problem and prepare a treatment plan. This imaging is especially helpful in implant placement and oral surgery.

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