Dentistry for Adults

Keeping Your Teeth Their Cleanest for Good Health

Even meticulous brushing can sometimes miss certain grooves and contours in teeth. As plaque begins to build up it eventually hardens into tartar, and regular brushing will no longer remove it. As it forms at the gumline as well as on the surface of teeth, you risk having gum infection and tooth decay.

Research has shown that untreated gum disease is linked to life-threatening conditions with the cardiovascular system or other vital organs. We emphasize the importance of having your teeth cleaned on a regular basis to maintain good health.

Root Canal Therapy Prevents Extraction

In the past, a tooth with damaged or infected roots was extracted. Today, it is recognized that saving a tooth is important to avoid other dental problems. Dr. Squires are experienced in the latest treatment techniques that now make this procedure more manageable for patients. Together with the use of modern anesthetics, there is little discomfort.

During the procedure the interior pulp of the tooth is removed and repacked with a special filling material. Root canals keep the damaged tooth intact and return it to full functionality for chewing.

Is Improper Alignment of Your Bite Causing Headaches and Jaw Pain?

The term “temporomandibular joint disorder,” shortened to TMJ or TMD, usually relates to a “bad bite.” The technical description is dental malocclusion. This can cause TMJ-related headaches, aching and popping jaws, and even pain in the shoulders or neck. Teeth can be ground down over time or lost in a trauma or from gum disease. When this occurs, your jaw can’t take on a naturally relaxed position. The major tension this causes in the jaw muscles can lead to a variety of pain. Many people just “live with it,” but you’ll be excited to know that a full mouth rehabilitation can return your jaw to the position intended by nature. Imagine how improved your quality of life can be! Call now to schedule a consultation.

An Easy Screening for Oral Cancer

It is a startling statistic, but every hour one American dies from oral cancer. But with a quick and easy screening method, this cancer can be detected and cured in most cases.

We provide visual screenings for our patients at their six-month check-ups and cleanings. If Dr. Squires or the hygienist identifies any abnormal oral tissue, you will be referred to an oral surgeon. This screening is noninvasive, easy, and one that could save your life!

Proper Bite Alignment to Relieve Pain

Perhaps you have been told you have a dental malocclusion, which means your jaws do not come together as they should. This can cause a variety of discomforts. You have probably been living with pain in the shoulders, neck, or jaws, or suffering from frequent headaches.

No longer do you need to have this continual burden on your health and overall vitality. We have techniques that can re-align your jaw to let all the adjacent distressed muscles relax, relieving the pain in these areas. Come in and let us discuss what we can do to provide a better quality of life for you by relieving your discomfort.

Relief from Headaches without Medication

The NTI™ device is an alternative approach to relief from migraine and tension headaches without the use of drugs. It is an FDA-approved oral appliance that prevents the onset of most headaches by allowing muscles under the scalp to relax.

Clinical tests have shown overwhelmingly positive results. Over three-quarters of patients who used the NTI device achieved a 77% reduction in head and neck pain. This appliance is easy to use, quick to bring results, and very affordable. If you suffer from severe headaches, let us help you have the relief you seek.

If it’s time for your next cleaning, or if you’re ready to schedule a no cost/no obligation consultation, call us now at (208) 466-2458.