Sedation Dentistry

Relax for Every Treatment with Sedation Dentistry

No longer do patients have to dread dental care. Conscious sedation dentistry makes you unaware of the work being performed while still being conscious to answer questions Dr. Squires may ask.

By simply taking one pill an hour before your appointment, you begin to feel very calm and gradually reach a deeper level of relaxation as you sit in the dental chair. While your treatment proceeds, your vital signs are continually monitored. After your work is completed, someone takes you home and in about an hour, you are completely alert again.

Some patients have a greater fear of being completely unconscious. They do not want to be unaware of their environment. But conscious sedation provides a happy medium of being in control to communicate while anxiety is eliminated.

There are also patients who are very resistant to getting numb with anesthesia, and instead, they rely on this type of sedation to have their dental work accomplished. Some patients need extensive work but don’t have the time for multiple visits. In one longer visit, all the work can be taken care of with this type of sedation.

We also use nitrous oxide for lighter sedation needs.


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