Wisdom Teeth Removal in Nampa, Idaho

Wisdom teeth removal can help you and your child achieve a functional bite, straight teeth, and a beautiful smile. When performed by an expert like Dr. Todd L. Squires, this treatment is nothing to fear. Contact Southridge Dental today for an informative consultation. 


The Problem With Wisdom Teeth

Removal of your wisdom teeth may be recommended, as leaving those teeth in place can cause problems. Wisdom teeth are generally not needed. Our jaws have gotten smaller and smaller, generation by generation. The problem is that our wisdom teeth have generally not become smaller during that same period.  Wisdom teeth typically form and erupt last among all your child’s teeth, meaning overcrowding and gum impaction can occur. An impacted tooth may be partially covered by gum tissue, making it difficult to clean. A wisdom tooth may also come in at an angle, pushing against other teeth and possibly causing complications.


When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

Wisdom teeth can erupt as early as age 15 or as late as 25. Each case is unique. Wisdom teeth usually don’t appear until you’re between 16 and 18. Your jaw may recover faster and more successfully when you’re younger, around the age of 15, than when you’re older. The surrounding bone is less dense in younger patients, and the tooth roots are less fully formed. Therefore the treatment may be more accessible. The space left by the excised tooth may heal with new bone more successfully in younger patients than in older ones, and younger patients may recover more quickly. However, we can safely and effectively perform the procedure in both younger and older patients.


What May Happen if I Don’t Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

The wisdom teeth can crowd the other teeth. Removing the wisdom teeth can leave more room for other teeth in the jaw to grow properly with adequate space between them. The wisdom tooth could come in at an angle and not fully protrude from the jaw bone or gum tissue.  A tooth partially covered by gum tissue (impacted) can be challenging to clean. Debris can collect under the gum, leading to infection and other problems. In some cases, an unremoved wisdom tooth can cause the development of a cyst or tumor.  It may not be necessary to remove wisdom teeth in call cases. Some patients will have a jaw structure and size, which means wisdom teeth removal may cause more risk of complication than necessary. There are risks associated with any surgery, so it may make more sense to avoid it than go through with it. It’s essential to have the specialists at Southridge Dental evaluate your situation and form recommendations.


What is the Wisdom Teeth Removal Process?

Your dentist will first perform a thorough evaluation of your mouth as part of your consultation. They will review your dental and medical history before the procedure. Tell us about any of your medication conditions, allergies, or prescriptions at this time. We may prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection before the surgery. There are three levels of sedation that can use during dental procedures: Light, moderate, and deep sedation. Wisdom tooth removal is generally a more invasive procedure, where moderate to deep sedation levels may be employed. We may extract the tooth manually using a device similar to forceps or surgically. We will loosen the tooth from the ligaments and bone which hold it in place. Once it is loose enough, we will pull it.


What to Expect After Removal

In most cases, we can do the wisdom tooth extraction procedure in just a few hours. It would help if you planned on having someone available to drive you home from the appointment, as it may take you some time to recover from the anesthesia effects. If possible, you should take it easy for at least a couple of days, resting as often as possible and eating only soft foods such as yogurt and ice cream.  It’s possible that your recovery time could be as long as two weeks. Keep Dr. Squires posted on how you’re feeling. We want to make sure you’re comfortable during the healing process. Any excess pain should be monitored closely. We can also recommend some other methods for keeping you as comfortable as possible during recovery.


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