Dental Crowns in Nampa, ID

Dental Crowns in Nampa, ID

Having a damaged tooth can cause severe pain, discomfort, and damage to other teeth and surrounding tissues. Having a dental emergency where your tooth has become damaged may seem impossible, but it happens frequently. At Southridge Dental, we offer emergency dental care to all patients in the area and provide exceptional restorative dental service to help your tooth look and feel brand new. For significant tooth restorations, we encourage you to consider dental crowns. 

Dental crowns are encouraged as the choice of repair when most of a tooth has been broken off or become weak and diseased from decay. 


How do I Obtain a Dental Crown? 

Seeing an expert dental professional like Dr. Squires is the first step in actually obtaining a crown. A dental crown can greatly benefit your tooth’s anatomy and function. If you think you can benefit from a dental crown, set up a consultation appointment with our dentists or bring it up during your bi-yearly cleaning and examination. We highly encourage patients to stay up to date with bi-yearly visits to help catch severe damage quickly so we can treat it. 

Once we decide that the dental crown is the best option for your tooth and your smile, the preparation will begin. The damaged portion of the tooth will need to be entirely removed for the dental crown to restore the tooth completely. Through the use of the CEREC same-day dental crown machine, we take scans of your smile. We will program the 3D digital scans into the device. From the scans, we will create an artificial tooth crown. 

Each dental crown is fabricated to fit your tooth and match other teeth in your smile. We record every detail, including size, shape, and shade. Dental crowns will exactly match your smile. 


Why get a Dental Crown? 

Many may wonder why dental crowns are needed when severe damage and decay occur or do not know they are even an option. Dental crowns are a perfect restoration option for patients looking to save their natural teeth. We only perform dental extractions in our office as a last resort option. We do all that we can to fix your natural tooth to help prevent the need for a complete tooth replacement. 

Dental crowns not only restore the function and the anatomy of your smile, but they will also restore the tooth’s beauty. When a tooth becomes too damaged to last on its own, it can appear discolored. This can negatively affect the appearance of your smile. 

Crowns are created with the most substantial and visually satisfying dental material available. Either is made of ceramic or porcelain material, each crown will be a pearly white shade and can withstand the daily pressures we put our teeth under daily. 


Same-Day Crown

At Southridge Dental, we are dedicated to helping you receive professional, high-quality dental care in the most convenient way possible. To help you do this, we offer the same-day CEREC machine. Traditionally, it takes around three visits to a dental office to receive your final crown. After only one appointment, we can have you leave with your new crown in our office. 


Get your Dental Crown Today 

It is very easy to obtain a dental crown to restore your tooth or even enhance the appearance of your smile. Our same-day dental crowns in Nampa, ID, will have you smiling bigger and brighter than ever before. If you have questions about receiving a crown or concerns about your current dental crown, please give our office a call. One of our team members will be happy to speak with you and address your needs. 

We look forward to helping you restore your teeth and confidence in your beautiful smile.