One-Visit Crowns

One-Visit Crowns

Trauma or decay could damage your tooth, necessitating a “capping” procedure. A cap makes your damaged tooth appear strong and be able to function correctly. Usually, the cap is a crown that fits over your entire tooth.

Crowns fall under a category of dentistry referred to as restorative dentistry. Instead of the dentist pulling out your damaged tooth, they restore it to its original function by covering it up. Crowns also protect your tooth from any further damages.

For years, crowns have been the solution to misshapen or discolored teeth. Those seeking to have brighter smiles, too, have turned to this procedure.

Usually, a dental crown procedure requires you to make two trips to the dentist. During the first visit, the dentist will ask you to chew into a soft material to make impressions of your teeth. The impressions are then sent to an external laboratory, where the technician designs a crown that will fit over your teeth. This takes a few weeks, and when your crown is ready, you’ll have to go in for a fitting.

Today, however, you do not need to waste your time making those long trips to the dentist’s office, thanks to one-day crowns in Nampa, Idaho. They will be ready in a matter of hours, and you will get fitted on the same day. One appointment alone will fix all your woes.

What to Expect During a Same-Day Crown Procedure

As mentioned before, you will only need one visit for this particular procedure. On the day of the procedure, the dentist starts by preparing the tooth. They remove the tooth’s decayed portions and shape them to accommodate the crown. While traditional crown procedures alter 70% of your tooth structure, the same isn’t true for same-day crown procedures. Most of your tooth remains intact.

Next, your dentist may want to get impressions of your teeth. Luckily for you, they use digital images for same-day crowns. This is by far more comfortable when compared to getting traditional impressions which may bring about a gagging effect.

With the impressions ready, your dentist will get down to creating the best crown for you with the aid of computer technology. They use the impressions to develop a model and choose the right shade for you.

When this is over, the next step is fabricating the crown using a milling machine. The dentist then fits the crown over your teeth and makes any necessary adjustments to suit your needs.

Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

Here are some of the pros of one-day crowns:

  • Quick fix: You need only one appointment
  • You experience little pain
  • You need not wear temporary crowns
  • It saves most of your tooth structure
  • The crowns are of high quality

Finding the Best Same-Day Crowns Near You

Thanks to computerized design and milling machines, you don’t have to endure the torturous weeks of waiting for your crown. One-day crowns are now available at your disposal. If you are looking for a dental office for this procedure, Southridge dental in Nampa, Idaho, is a perfect place to start.

A Perfectly Fitting Crown in One Visit

Perhaps you have been through the procedure to have a permanent crown placed in your mouth. After impressions of your teeth are made, a temporary crown is placed over the prepared tooth. There is a two-week wait and another trip to the dentist to receive the permanent crown. If the fit isn’t right, there are more trips to the dentist and yet more waiting time.

That was the long, drawn-out procedure before, but with the CEREC™ computerized design and milling device, today you can have a perfectly fitting crown in just one visit. No kidding! We create a durable, natural-looking crown in our own lab while you wait – with no return trips to the dentist.

The procedure begins by having a reflective powder painted on the damaged tooth. With a specialized camera, an accurate picture is taken and displayed on a screen. We design the restoration from the digital image and CEREC fabricates the crown in just minutes. This restoration is bonded to the remaining structure of the tooth and you are good to go!